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I just finished speedrunning New Super Mario Bros. 2 on my 3DS, and posted times about when I beat bosses in Discord.
I got the snip, but I'm afraid it won't get verified or looked after.

My end time was 1:39:55.
I ended the time I was speedrunning right when I hit the switch.
Any% run.

Also, can you post snips or ordinary pictures in these forums?


the rules of any% of that game say that you only need videoproof for times below 28:00, so i'm guessing you can submit your 1:39:55 with a screenshot. but ask about it in the nsmb2 forum anyways just to make sure

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It depends on the game, some games allow pictureproof, some not. But pictureproof is essentially the same as no proof as it can easily be edited, so don't expect too much out of it.

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Are runs able to be verified with just screenshots?

In my opinion? No.

Though my opinion is exactly that, only my own.

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Some games like Splatoon 2, if you run a specific level, you can use a screenshot if not in 1st place because of the in game timer. Other games, no. You can easily edit for a good time, or they don't know when u started your timer.

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Generally no, but thats based on what the community has set as the guidelines.
Every Community and its game will most likely use different but possibly similar guidelines or generic rules for verification.


Aw, that sucks, I guess. I don't have a capture card or anything, and my phone can't record the whole speedrun since it's an hour long.