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Hello, my name is Goozma.

I just did a Super Mario Odyssey Any% Speedrun. My Original Intent was to beat the game, and record the timer/footage on my computer. Easy Right? I just beat the game eat 2:19:25 (PB), and I was gonna send this speedrun to submit. Turns out I accidentally only recorded the timer, and not the actual footage. I just wasted 2 hours of my life, but hey, this was my very first recorded speedrun. So i guess mistakes are inevitable. Kinda mad about it lol.


I feel your pain. I once had got a massive LotF PB only to see the stream fail literally during the final boss death animation two seconds before the end time.


I was trying to get the game Midnight Mansion HD accepted. The Any% is almost 4hrs. As soon as I stopped my recording, my software crashed and I lost all of the footage. Had to do that all over again. 🙁


Mechanical failure is always the end of a run, not a bad split or a missed skip. xd


Once, I did a speedrun, but I accidentaly deleted it when it was time to post on YouTube.

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I got extremely good RNG and got my first sub 20 seconds ever in Wild Canyon (Sonic Adventure 2).

I was recording the wrong scene on OBS so I couldn't continue the run and had to start all over again.

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I was 25 minutes ahead of my own PB in Unreal Tournament III Any% and about 4 minutes ahead of the record. The second to last level my Windows update kicked in and decided to just say: heck whatever you were doing, I'm gonna restart your PC. After the restart, it both corrupted my splits and my recording, besides losing the run in the first place. Haven't touched the game ever since. (The run is about 2 hours long)

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There's registry settings you can change so that Windows will never force a shutdown without your express permission, the fact that it's not default is baffling to me though.

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i feel your pain my dude, one time i used livesplit to time my game and window recorder to record the game but the window recorder doesn't record the game but it accidentally only record the timer so your not alone


I once streamed a PB but I didn't know that you had to activate VoDs in the twitch settings so it was never captured.

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Literally why aren't vods saved by deafult???!

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probably server space for a niche thing for many (not all) streamers

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