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I've seen some people who implemented the amount of splits in Livesplit so you can see how often sb. passed a level. Can anybody show me where I can set this up? 🙂


Can you please explain this better? I can't understand what you are trying to say.

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Are those just manual counters? Might be some additional component someone made.


I've seen it on darbians and kosmicd12's channel that in the same row where the actual split is, there is another number which indicates how many times you splitted the specific level. The goal is that you can see how many tries you need to get through a level (for example)
To make it short: I want the thing with the 43


You could edit the split name each time you want to update it. It's annoying but it works.


Yeah, but that's not really what I want. It's not necessary at all but it would be interesting to see those information ^^


You could ask Kosmic maybe. He shouldn't be too hard to track down


@Philhcks go to the Super Mario Bros 1 page and under resources download Automatic Livesplit Incrementer

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"Add "split name auto incrementer" to your layout somewhere (after putting the .dll file in your /livesplit/components folder), then add "[0]" or "(0)" to any split that you want it to increment on in the "edit splits" menu, and it will automatically increment on every run that splits there.Note that it keeps track of this number across different sessions, so if you want it to only keep track of how many times you got past that split on a single day you have to reset the number by hand every day."

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