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Also, is that an alt account? You made a new account just to comment on this thread so I’m assuming that you’re one of the same people who commented earlier.

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While I certainly don't agree with anyone policing what is and isn't a game simply by the time it takes to play, and have in the past argued for notability being the metric, I certainly don't appreciate the shade being thrown at my boy clippy and me.

@EchoStormEchoStorm - and others...

The Easter Egg in Excel 95 is notable as being one of the few times a company primarily known for business software developed a hidden, fully functional game inside a productivity product. It's a fully 3d engine based on Doom, written for Windows 95, and running on top of Excel. It's a technical marvel for the time. Since there is an end goal as stated by the developers, and that goal does provide a level of challenge, it's especially notable for being one of the only Easter Eggs in a retail product like this that you can speedrun.

It is also incredibly difficult to get running in this day and age, requiring both knowledge of what's required for the software to run within an emulated environment, knowledge of the hardware it was meant to run on, and knowledge of specialized early PC emulation software. You can't simply run this accurately on DOSBOX or VMware. It took me considerable effort and research to get this running accurately enough to play the game the way it was intended, and my end goal was to make it so that anyone could easily play it and speedrun it if wanted.

On top of all of this, I marketed it successfully to a marathon, got it accepted, and ran it, clippy and all, live for a whole mess of folks.

That's probably why it has a board. Put in the work first. Then throw shade.

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@DacredDacred The example you mentioned was added through a series, which is not handled by site moderators - merely the series moderator. We are hoping for a system eventually where series moderators cannot abuse their privileges in such a way and add games that break the site rules, but for the time being, some stuff will inevitably get around us.

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@KrayzarKrayzar I think you just killed him dude.

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I've got some thoughts on this as an outsider. Short meme game or not, there is absolutely no way to deny the speedrunning community that has formed around this game. Multiple categories are being run extremely actively, the any% WR is super optimized at this point for the current strats, and videos showcasing the run are amassing over hundreds of thousands of views. How in the world can you possibly deny this, just because you're such a purist that you don't think that the game is legitimate enough? Whether you like it or not, basically anything can be speedran. As long as there is an active community of people who are passionate about running the game, what does it matter whether it's a meme game? There are so many games on this site that have a community of a few runners that aren't even active and a WR that's insanely unoptimized (from my childhood, dragon quest heroes: rocket slime comes to mind) and nobody complains. That's how it should be. As long as people are running the game, it should be allowed on here. In the grand scheme of things, why does it matter so much to exclude it? Who cares? All you're doing is making it more difficult for an audience of tens of thousands like me, if not more, who are interested in this "meme game" as a speedgame and want to have an easy way to see where the leaderboards stand. This stand that you're all taking is beyond idiotic.

Also, before anyone accuses me of being an alt, I just created this account because I was looking for the leaderboard, found this thread, and was so disgusted at the attitude shown in it that I felt compelled to weigh in.

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Yeah I don’t believe for a second that two different people in the span of a few hours made brand new accounts just to comment on this thread.

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@PearPear Maybe instead of accusing people who disagree with you of being sockpuppets, you should realize that anybody who looks up "mr. krabs ketamine speedrun" will be met with this thread as the first result. Now consider the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people who've watched speedrunning content of this game in the last day alone and think about the implications of that.

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Yeah ok fake account, how about when talking, you don't have an attitude so people actually take you seriously.


This stand that you're all taking is beyond idiotic.

Fuck off

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Both of the people accusing me of being a "fake account" have runs on mobile games with very few runners and very short completion times. Tell me, why should those be "accepted" speedgames and this not be? I call your stance idiotic because it's brazenly hypocritical and generally makes no sense. If this game shouldn't be allowed, then it's about time for some spring cleaning. At least half of the games on here should be removed to fit these standards

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Right now there are rules and general metrics about what games can be accepted to sr.c, or being rejected.
"Number of runners" and "Number of views of runs in YouTube" are not part of those metrics.
If you make a short 20-seconds game in 10 minutes of work, and somehow make it a popular meme-game that many people want to run and watch, doesn't contradict the fact that this game is super short and trivial.

And for pointing on other games on the site - this was said many times again and again (and also on this thread), rules were less strict at the past, so there are games that were accepted before but would not be accepted today.

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Originally posted by me I love how at least three people repeated the same argument that was already countered by @TimmiluvsTimmiluvs before they posted in this thread. Goes to show people want to argue but not listen.

Way to prove me right, new account

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Sorry, why are metrics that represent how popular a category is not considered?

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Accusing me as an alt is really funny and kind of insulting actually. But i guess i cant disprove it in any way because the people that only watch and do the little "getting over it" speedrunning they do without this website(edited: me) don't exist for you and shouting "hE'S fAke" is easier than actually listening to my concerns.
Krayzar's text is so out of context i cant even believe it. Maybe all of you don't get my text at all or you really don't care but im actually not saying that ANY games shouldn't be accepted AT ALL. I'm saying That there should be either consistency or meaningful room for participation and change of decisions.

Its also funny how every single one of you were unable to say a single thing against my text and instead of actually answering my valid questions you just deflected, ignored the parts that didn't fit your opinion, complained about technicalities and undermined me because i don't fit your picture of a proper member of the speedrunning community.

Arguments, concerns and other talking points you all ignore are:
∘A discussion about a topic with the end result set is somewhat pointless if there isn't gonna be any change
∘Saying "I don't understand why you're still arguing. It's not being added, no matter how much debating you do." seems extremely oppressive and unfriendly
∘It would be way better if there would be a option for participation or at least some kind of sympathy/cooperation instead of blocking arguments with "it's our decision"
∘"My problem is the inconsistency in approved games without the option for any kind of meaningful participation or change by the community and the utter lack of any apparent willingness or even consideration of ever changing it in the future."

You insulting me as a fake account when this is literally the top thread of google is really funny as @KeeperoftheGateKeeperoftheGate pointed out but i guess its easier for you to handle than actual people having these concerns... ohh wait even IF i was a fake account my concerns would STILL be valid! Since when is 'His account is an alt' a good argument for ignoring people?? What is wrong with you? Get over yourself

And accusing me of being fake is an insult because you're either calling me stupid because i would think answering with an alt would change your perception/opinion OR you call me weak because i cant stand up to my own opinion with my real account

@HakoHako great way to go by the way. Really mature

And you don't have to even believe me for my arguments and concerns to be valid.

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I wouldn't really count "Getting over it" as a short/trivial game. Sure, top runs are now close to 1 minute, but that is possible after some insane work and practice on the game.
First casual runs can take hours and days to complete the game.

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Ohh and the argument from @TimmiluvsTimmiluvs isn't all that good and relevant as you make it out to be. He has even admitted that the rules are used inconsistently which was my argument

and i wouldn't either @Oreo321Oreo321
It can take hours the first try but if you get the physics right and train a lot you can get it down a lot which is why i love the game so much. Its super simple, its not random and your skill and motivation means everything. I said getting over it because its the game I've been speedrunning not because i think its short

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While I'm on the side that agrees that it shouldn't be added the fact that some people's arguments have been completely ignored and you cite them as alt accounts is pretty pathetic. You wonder why they keep arguing while not giving any constructive counter points and not bothering to understand the issue from their perspective. And so you know, yes i did just create this account to comment here as i found the thread after critikals video and no, i'm not an alt. There's no reason this thread has to be an argument but from my perspective both sides are needlessly escalating what could've been a very easy discussion

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this post has some good points. Do you have anything to say about them?

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Yeah the tone on both sides is pretty disgusting and not very welcoming at all 😕

It's a pretty simple discussion: should Mr Krabs be accepted due to its popularity, or rejected because it is "trivial"?

The answer was already provided: maintain a Google Doc to prove its legitimacy (which has now been set up). Once it's been maintained for a while, there's no harm in re-submitting the game further down the road.

But calling each other idiots and stuff is only going to harm us as a collective. We can still discuss at which point the game stops being considered trivial without resorting to insults surely?

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Think I went too far, sorry

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Hey guys! If you're ever interested in appealing a game in general that you feel should be on the site, feel free to make your case through our feedback form and we'll surface it to the right people. After reviewing, if we decide to make a policy update, we'll definitely communicate it to the community.

Please note that number of appeals won't impact likelihood of policy change, so please only use the feedback form if you are making a full case.

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