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Recently I've been wanting to speedrun super mario world, but all the experience I have with the games is playing a few levels on my snes classic, can I still try speedrunning the game?


You can do whatever you feel like. Obviously if you don’t have experience playing through the whole game learning a run will be harder, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

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If you're asking whether it's possible to LEARN to speedrun a game you've never played before, then yes: I do it all the time. I'm not sure if you're asking that or the possibility to submit a blindrun, that is a no no.

Hope that clears it up for you. GL!


"I'm not sure if you're asking that or the possibility to submit a blindrun, that is a no no."
Why is submitting a blind run a "no no"? There is no reason you can't submit your first ever run. If a moderator rejects a run for being a blind run, that's kind of a dick move on them in my opinion. Some people, like me, like to preserve their full PB history, from their first ever run to their current PB.

To clarify: when I say blind run, I mean playing through the game with no knowledge, but still trying to go as fast as possible. So I'm not slowing down to take in random details of the game like a casual player would.


"A minimum effort requirement is reasonable. It is recommended to at a minimum accept a first playthrough done in one sitting with an intention of playing the category quickly."

" Runs that are clearly not making an effort to beat the game's category quickly may be rejected."

Depending on how blind this so called blind run is, it could arguably not meet the criteria. When I say blind, I do not define that as a first attempt speedrun, that would have meant you actually studied and have learnt the route and in fact am genuinely speedrunning.


"may be"
"a requirement is reasonable"

Notice the vague wording. Basically saying, if the moderators of a game WANT to have such rules, they are allowed to have them and it makes sense to. Otherwise, it's completely fine to submit a run like that. Many communities that I participate in are fine with it and have many such runs.


If you're genuinely trying to beat the game quickly, you meet that threshold. Those rules specifically exist so that moderators don't necessarily have to spend time verifying extremely long casual playthroughs that are making literally zero effort to play through the game quickly.

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I'm arguing against you. It doesn't matter if the run is "blind" or whatever (and that certainly isn't a "no no" within the community as you tried to assert), if you're actually trying, that generally should be good enough.


A completely blind run that makes an effort to beat the game as quick as possible, no matter how slow, meets both of these criterias. It would be obvious whether a run tries to beat a run as quick as possible or not.

Edit: I took a long time to comment so I missed a few posts lol. I was commenting on the post after my last post.


You mean the part of that thread where people said basically what we're saying now, the part where you misunderstood the purpose of that thread, or the part where you came up with your own baseless interpretation of site policy


What does that thread have anything to do with the discussion here?


ya I just wanna clarify. Blind to me is taking hours upon hours in finishing games not at all quickly. That's not to say that one cannot complete a game within reasonably speed from a blind play. Usually though, blind plays are horribly long playthroughs with individuals dying alot and wandering around in despair before reaching the next progression point. That's how I define it for me personally anyway. But there's always exceptions I suppose.

Poor wording from me.


Even if you die a lot, if you're trying to go as fast as possible in general, it should qualify. Your primary goal is to reach the end goal in as little time as possible, right? If you're actively trying to achieve that goal in a playthrough, no matter how slow, it should qualify, in my opinion.

Of course if you're actively trying then you will not be getting a time of 10 hours in a game in which below 10 minutes is the norm for intermediate and/or beginner players.