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I was watching the number 1 glitchless Getting Over it run and noticed there's a cut in the video at (0:51). At this time, the video pauses for a second and if you watch the player's mouse, it moves from the top of the screen directly to the bottom indicating a cut.
I have it timestamped here:
And this is the run I'm referring to: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​goiwbf/​run/​zxkx6qqm
I'm not sure if it's against the rules to make cuts in the video, but I thought I'd make a post about it anyways.


It was already discussed there a month ago. I would guess this is either an alt or a troll trying to stir things


Probably the latter, because Jnaps here created the account just for this message.


I get it, without checking the forums first it can be concerning to see this. Probably just trying to help


No sir, I made this account because I wanted to say something about it. I had no idea this was something that had already been discussed in the past.