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This game was a PS1 game. It's called Azure dreams. It's the only game i'm interested in that I did not find on the list. Everything else has been listed.

Is there a reason why it's not? I know it's a bit like a rougelike but still, it would be enjoyable to try and speedrun through.


Not every game is on this site. And if the game is not on the site you can request it at (you will become the mod of the leaderboards then so you gotta keep it up to date then).
If there is a community made leaderboards allready you can get help moving that (in case they want that).


Oh, awesome guys. I looked for the but somehow missed it. Thanks!


Just in case someone else uses your thread to find the answer, here's a pic :

This is the Games page, on the top right corner 🙂


I just requested three games be added. Boogerman, Maximum Carnage, and X-Men (For Genesis)


You dont have to say it in the forums sphericalchrusher, admins/full mods will see it and accept it (most of the time).


That moment when you're waiting for your game take make the list. Kappa