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I wanted to practice the Final Fantasy VII Remake runs, starting with easy difficulty. The game is amazing, I love it so much and I feel like I'd quite enjoy running it. But I'm wondering how I should go about doing such a long run while managing to take a piss and not starve. I also experience quite a bit of loneliness sometimes and wouldn't want this to contribute.

Should I practice this in small chunks first, like one chapter at a time?


Get you a diaper and plenty of snacks.

Alternatively you could not drink or eat at all. No in, no out (or less of it anyways). Though depending on the game, cutscenes or any other unskippable section that requires no inputs are a good time to take a piss.

As for the loneliness, welcome to speedrunning. Your best option is to stream and hope someone chats with you, or hangout in a voip channel somewhere so you can shoot the shit with someone else.

In my experience it's better to get a broader feel for beating the game fast first, then go back and practice individual sections to perfect them.

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What does VOIP stand for?


Voice Over IP, think of stuff like Teamspeak or Discord


I guess no one says voip anymore 😛


I kinda needed this. My run may take anywhere from 2-5 hours


Snacks, water, piss jug, night mode monitor [or blue filter glasses], comfy seating, tight butthole. Any discord in case you a feeling lonely.


yeah, so I don't have to go to the bathroom, adding time. Piss jug


Just pause the game and go to the bathroom, no time save in a speedrun is worth that.


It is for a 50+ hr speedrun. The spout of a milk jug isnt that small or hard to operate. Just zip, fling, release, recap, unfling. Simple clap. @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets


I stand by my statement. No time save is worth doing that to yourself, especially in a run that's that insanely long in the first place.

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I'm not the only one here who thinks this is disgusting af, right?


Can we please move away from this specific direction of dialogue?

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@JonoJono I have the same fear as you. When I first started speedrunning, I couldn't do speedruns that took ME longer than 2 hours to complete. But overtime I kept speedrunning games that took me a little over my limit, slowly but surely I got used to it. My limit has increased up to 4 and half hours now. So maybe you should try speedrunning games that's shorter than 5 hours for awhile and then try to go for speedruns that takes that long