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I am new to speedrunning, and need some pointers on how to get started, IE how to record and how to time on PS4

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For PS4,
you have multiple options:
-Streaming from the console to a service like Twitch (
-Record using the console-own recording feature (go to options and crank it up for 1hr max recording)
-Get a Capture Card (Elgato, AVerMedia, Haupauge etc.) and record/stream on your PC using a software like OBS.

for timing, you can use a software like LiveSplit or WSplit to time your runs on ease on your PC.
it is not required to have a timer on the footage, it's only a luxury feature - runs can be timed in post.
if you absolutely need to have a timer on your footage, a capture card is required to add it in live with OBS (or other software).

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Thank You. How would I upload a twitch stream to the leaderboards


When you post your time, give the relevant link in the Video box.

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Depending on the game you'll need to either use a capture card, or use remote play to stream the game from your PS4 to your PC, which you can then use OBS to capture the game in remote play. As certain games block both the stream feature and DVR feature of the PS4.

Remote play is entirely dependent on your connection though, so if the connection isn't too good or you're using wireless then you'll likely receive some input delay.



Thank You. How would I upload a twitch stream to the leaderboards

when using twitch, create a "Highlight" of your video, that video has a permanent link,
just copy that link into the "video" field on your run submission.


Note that you have to enable VOD's. Twitch does not save your past broadcasts by default.

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Hey, how can i record on mac

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