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F in the chat for O.D.W.'s sanity


I have a challenge for you:

Speedrun every game I mod.


Speedrun every game Wolsk mods.

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Speedrun every game Toaster mods


That's not how advertisements work.

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@jackzfimljackzfiml Oh you don't have to pay respects for my sanity now

I lost that a long time ago WoweeSmug

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(edited: ) - This is a short 2D platformer, which is free to play on Steam.
I can mostly describe the game as [Celeste with jank controls in the world of "Ori and the Blind Forest"].
You have mechanics similar to Celeste - walljump, dashing into 8 directions, and fruits that refill your dash while in midair.

The visuals are great, but the controls are janky, and it will take you some time to get used to them; but after a while it becomes not so bad.
First casual playthrough will probably take you 20-40 minutes, but you can make it under 5 minutes when you are good enough.
There is also a shortcut that can cut ~1.5 minute from the third chapter, which you can use in the any% category.

I didn't expect to like this game very much, but here we are.


If you want to speedrun Fall Guys (and even if you don't want), you can join this Discord Server: . There have leaderboards and a form to request a run. You can also talk about the game in general.

Thanks if you join it and have a nice day.

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I'd like to recommend text-based games (or interactive fiction, or whatever you want to call them). As far as I know, I'm the only one actively running them, and I'd like that to change.

They're short—even at my slowest, I don't think I've ever had a run take more than 10 minutes. They're wicked fun and convenient to route and glitch hunt, since you can save and reload from any point in the game that you want, and you don't have to worry about any lacks or lapses in dexterity getting in the way of things. Your typing (or, for hypertext games, clicking) speed sets the pace, so you can start off slow and smoothly work your way up.

So far, I've run Anchorhead, Zork I, Trinity, Wishbringer, and Suspended. I'd love to see more runs on those boards.

I could continue to sing text-based games' praises as speedgames, but I'll leave things brief. If you have any questions about text-based games or speedrunning them, don't hesitate to DM me!

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A nice homebrew for the GB and GBC where you are a bear whom kills foxes and eats cookies to walk faster to kill more foxes.



Oh, these could be some fun runs when I have the time. I used to play a lot of DOS Transylvania, though for some reason I've never really thought about speedrunning these kinds of games.

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Anyone like a fast-paced roguelite FPS? Plays like Doom/Quake and has a comic art-style!
Check it out here:

I need more runs to verify lol


Probably the best flash game ever made and one of the biggest is Super Mario 63. It's also available on PC and it's highly competitive at the top level. Has 3 main categories that each have very good lengths and Any% is very accessible to a newcomer because of its short length. The movement options are something that I've never seen in any other flash game, being very diverse, and the glitches and skips, while being somewhat tricky, they can get consistent with some practice.
If you got any questions we have a sizeable discord server where you can ask us anything you'd like to know about the game.


To continue my recommendation of text-based games, if none of the ones I posted already grab you, I recently made a board for Enchanter, a fantasy text adventure from 1983. It's the first in a trilogy, the rest of which I hope to have up soon.


Sorcerer, the sequel to Enchanter, now has a board.


I've been having a blast running some indie horror games recently:

Late Work -
Gaming Late at Night -
The Whitetail Incident -

for example. You can check my profile to see some of the other run's I've been doing, I recommend them all!


This is the only game I speedrun, Fossil Fighters: Champions. It's a relatively long game, and I think that turns away a lot of runners.
Here's the leaderboard:
Honestly, the game is kind of hard to access right now because of stupid scalpers, but if you can get your hands on one, I think the game is worth it. Lots of people say it's a Pokemon ripoff, though, and... I don't think that's true at all. But I digress.
Any% is sort of fun in my opinion, but probably my least favorite of the 2 main categories. I prefer NG+, but it's a very simple run, where all you do is spam one or two attacks in fights, mash dialogue, and try to have optimal movement using a combination of the Touch Screen and D-Pad. But if this post attracts a new runner, I'm all for it!

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Hi, this is Cursed Gem:

A excellent precision platformer game. Due to its first release anniversary it's FREE forever in Steam.

It has leaderboards in game and a lot of records to beat in

I wish you have fun!!

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