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Greetings fellow Speedrunners!

Posting here for visibility
(don't "post in the game's forums" me, it doesn't help anyone except your ego.)

I've been on the lookout for a tool or method that can extract & repack MHP1/2 saves,
so players could be able to switch DLC Quests w/o the server,
as well as access them at all for MHP, as Capcom has shut down that server in 2014.

My search has yielded little result, only a few mentions of tools,
which either vanished into 404 Errors, or are not applicable to MHP1/2.

There is of course a workaround, involving a 2nd psp / emulator,
and just joining the lobby with a save that has the quest.
This, imo, is a bad workaround, cuz buying a 2nd PSP just to play some extra content is dumb.

I'm willing to cash out for a tool that will be available for everyone who might need it.
(Totally not because I don't find any time cuz of work)


An Open Source Tool that runs on Windows,
which is capable of extracting, adding & replacing DLC Data & DLC Quests,
for Monster Hunter Portable, Monster Hunter Portable 2 & Monster Hunter Freedom 2.
The Tool needs to work with all Regions of these games.

If you need Saves for research/testing your code,
hmu on discord, I'll send you some w/ and w/o DLC downloaded.

Additional Info:

Monster Hunter Portable has 3 Quest Slots,
Monster Hunter Portable 2 & Freedom 2 have DLC Data, and 6 Quest Slots.


I'm offering $30 as of posting this,
with an additional $10 for every month that passes.

The Bounty will be closed once the Code has been provided to me on discord.
The pool will be distributed via PayPal in USD.

If anyone wants to add to this, feel free,
I won't take responsibility for money that isn't mine though.