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I know that the general advice to play games you liked as a kid and grew up with but the only two games I grew up as a kid were new super Mario bros and black and white. I don't want to speedrun black and white because the record is over 3 hours so is there any good 2d platformer games that don't take too long to speedrun (about 1 hour or less)


If you're ok with flash/browser/web games:
Fairly easy sub 20:00 once you learn the route for any category
Most of these are pretty great


Sword of Sodan for Genesis. One of the best platformers ever made!


Literally every main series 2D Mario game can be easily beaten in under an hour

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May I plug Isis Simulator, runs only take about a minute 15 seconds.


Arcade Games
Castlevania Games
Crash Trilogy
Mario Games
Spyro Trilogy