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What do you as a mod do? This isn't a question with a singular right or wrong answer, I'm just looking for what you have done (or would do) in such a scenario.

I'm checking out a recent submission for one of my games, for the full-on any% category. We also have a warpless category (not to mention an even more restrictive "No Major Skips" category). So far the run I'm reviewing qualifies for all of them, and while I'll of course watch the run to the end to make sure, I suspect it will throughout. So what's the best course of action? Verify the run as any%? List it in the more restrictive categories? Both perhaps? A warpless run is an any% run, it's just a needlessly slow one. (Similarly, a NMS run is a warpless run is an any% run, but also a slow one)

I suppose completion percentage might be a more commonplace example. A 100% run is an any% run, so if it was submitted as any%, do you as the mod honour that, or move it to 100%?

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Some further clarification: the run is objectively terrible (though if verified as any%, it would actually not be last place). If the runner sticks with the game they will very definitely improve the time no matter the category. This is highly unlikely to be a case of accidentally filling out the run submission form incorrectly, as the run comment indicates it's the runner's second time playing the game (i.e. they don't yet know any strats).


In general I try to not to decide what category a run, like, "belongs" in or anything like that. If the runner intentionally submitted their run as an Any% run and it's a valid submission for that category, I don't really see any benefit to the moderator deciding "no actually this is warpless". Moving the run might just be confusing to the runner, especially if they had a specific reason for submitting to Any% in the first place.

A few reasons I can think of why someone would do that, if Any% is the "main" category then they may simply want to compare themselves with the larger set of competition for the game. Another possible reason is that they intend to eventually properly learn the run, in which case it's a little nicer to track your progress if it's all in the same category (I did this at one point, my first Batman Arkham City runs were effectively glitchless, but I knew I intended to learn Any% at some point so initially I only submitted to that category).

As far as potentially duplicating them into the other applicable categories, I personally wouldn't do this either. If the runner wants it listed in all of them I have no problem doing that, but I wouldn't assume that they do.

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I've been able to confirm that the runner is someone who's joined our Discord and is quite actively glitch-hunting, so the certainty of improving the time is all but total. I'll leave it in any% for this case but I'm still interested to hear opinions on the matter in general.


I specifically remember a case for CV2 whereas one runner went through the glitchless category and submitted the same run to both any% and glitchless. Which at the time, was both considered strong times for the categories respectively. So sure enough, it got up on both categories.

At the same time, I would hope that not every runner would grind for glitchless and submit said run to both categories as a given rule, just because they can or that it is technically allowed. I think if it's just by rare occasion then I would just let those few individuals slide, but if the whole community suddenly decides to stick to that, I may have a say on the matter.


I would verify the runs submitted if they follow the rules of the verified category. I'd only put it to other categories if:
- the user submitted to those as well, or
- the run breaks the rules of the category submitted to but fits the rules of another (if in doubt I'd ask the runner)