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I submitted a run on GCN and in the verification process apparently my gamecube saves faster than the game moderators, what could cause this?


I wouldn't know. Perhaps verify what memory card you both are using, and if you're using the original GameCube or that inside the Wii.


Maybe your GCN is newer than the one from the mods or just less used?


As far as I'm aware his gamecube has no difference between mine other than the digital av out and the serial 2 port. Saves are the same between my gamecube and my wii, which my wii is newer than his gamecube ofc.

We do have different mem cards though, and I ordered the exact same memory card as @rskiller out of curiosity 😛


I've noticed my older gamecube memory card will sometimes fail to save and the game will give me an error message that it couldn't be saved and the memory card is dead. If I try again, it'll usually save just fine. It might be that their card is old and the game tries a couple times until it succeeds. That's just speculation though.


the game in question is: baldur's gate dark alliance

when I compared my saves on gamecube vs rskiller's I came up with faster saves for him. I didn't test loading saves, but I imagine he was saving time there as well. Even if it's 15-20 frames faster it's a huge save, especially in BGDA where you save and load quite a bit.

My saves whether on GC or Wii were the same, so I suspect the memory card in use is to blame. Which is kinda weird but when my new mem card comes in I'll know for sure.

This could only get wackier if the faster saving/loading is a result of a specific mem card on the DOL-101 version of the GC lol


I believe memory cards do save differently, that's why the Animal Crossing community requires certain sized nintendo cards for their saves


Maybe you just found a new strat to improve run times on all GameCube games that require saving


I personally wouldn't call it a strat just because the nature of it is weird it has nothing to do with how good a player is just how fast the console saves, and it isn't loading times anyway luckily 🙂

On the topic of game cube memory cards 3 of mine save around the same time it feels, 3 different companies I have never timed it but I never noticed anything, so weird haha I may have to test this the battle of game cube memory cards. Haha


It's a matter of 15-20 frames, you probably won't notice.

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yeah XD thats why I wanted to time it just for me really because I get super in to this kind of stuff for no reason hahaha 😃


@Komrade In a game like Super Mario Bros you might 😉

@MelonSlice Things like that are used all the time in speedrunning. That's why most top runners set their games to use Japanese because the faster text can save them dozens of seconds on their run. A well known Ocarina of Time speedrunner got a WR once by using an official nintendo chinese console that cut of ~15 seconds from his time (due to less lag or loading times or something like that).


Not exactly what I meant. I mean it's easy to miss 15-20 frames from saves and loads when most people don't pay attention to that stuff.


I know they do that all the time but with saves very little chance to use them doing a run unless you want to safty save or needed for a glitch etc I know all about oot and how they use the Jap virtual console release because it is even faster than the IQ player. I just meant saves in genral my English writing is pretty bad to be honest so I can see where the confusion came from. 🙂

oh yeah I understand that most people don't pay attention probably because we want it to be over so we can get back to our games and stuff haha thats me 😃


Yeah I got my new mem card in and it was saving up to 35 frames over my old card wew

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