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So I made a joke about speedrunning Just Dance, and now I'm sort of invested into the idea. I went looking for all the current records, and how feasible it is to get them all. While looking, I noticed that all of the Just Dance games besides Just Dance 2020 have no moderator. Does this mean that these games are never going to get runs submitted again, or is there a way I or someone else can become a moderator to revive these games?

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I'm not sure why it's even possible for a game to not have a moderator but go here.
Be sure to read the first post.


I think you could probrally contact a staff about that.


@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo Game moderators can "un-moderate" themselves if they wish, and that's what happens if a moderator quits and doesn't appoint a successor.


^ basically when that happens, someone new is gonna have to submit a run for the game and they usually become mods because they are the only one alive at said moment to currently care about x game.