Forums  /  Speedrunning  /  Is it allowed to activate the option "Allow Left + Right / Up + Down" when playing in Nes emulator?

Physically in the NES you cannot press Left and Right or Up and Down at the same time.

Is it allowed for speedruns to activate this option in the emulator?


Most of the time, no. Do not do this unless you've consulted the moderators beforehand, but I'm fairly sure any NES game that's being moderated by a team that knows what they're doing will ban this immediately for emulators.

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To clarify, Left+Right and Up+Down is usually banned BECAUSE it's impossible on NES.
So allowing it on emulators would give an unfair advantage to emu runners.

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So, it is best to show the input of the emulator on the screen to check that UP + DOWN / RIGHT + LEFT is not done? (I say this because I usually disable it)


Yes. It's best to show the input to legitimate your runs.

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A lot of NES Speedrun boards by now link to this document as a general guideline:

This should apply to basically all NES speedruns (and most of the stuff is also a good base line for other consoles)