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Hi guys, what are some of the funnies situations that has ever occurred with speedrunners while they were speedrunning? I just think they're so hilarious and entertaining to watch! ! good example i can give was when Abney317 got comboed by the vehicles in toads Turnpike lol

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The only "funny" thing I can think of is I once accidentally crashed the game pretty far into a 100% speedrun of a game that takes ~1 hour to 100%.

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the title is so funny to me idk why but the !? amplifies this experience so much

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Funny occurrences have happened to me during speedruns. For example, I accidentally softlocked myself during a Go! Diego! Go! rain forest adventure WR attempt back when mynameisandy had the record.

The softlock is very inconsistent, and it has only occurred one other time during WR attempts.


Merl's story reminds me of my Henry Stickmin Collection All Endings speedrun in which I crash twice relatively far into the run but because it's close to the end I decide to finish and submit the last place run. I also put "will get a better time soon" in the description and after 6 months I've yet to even try.

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Context: Eight hours into a 100% speedrun on the hardest difficulty. I just walk directly into the spinning blade and die instantly.
Wasn't distracted, wasn't looking away, eyes were glued to the screen. Just walked right into it, didn't even try to avoid it. My brain was so fried from the long run, that I didn't even notice what I did. I just continued as if nothing happened.

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There was that time when topkekshrek and I were battling each other for the King's Quest IV SCI Any% record, and we were both held back by our inability to type "open door"... he kept typoing "door" and I kept typoing "open".

I also had some difficulty with spelling the word "tidy" correctly:

But yes, Abney's runs are full of unexpected hilarity...

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Welp, this happened.

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I originally noticed this in a speedrun, but this is just a deliberate attempt to intensify the effect

Oh yeah and the time Star Control 3 forgot to give me a game over

And then it retroactively "remembered" 5 minutes later

Stuff in monaco
Multiplayer speedruns lead to silly shenanigans in chat all the time, but sometimes the game itself does things (lag assisted wall clips, bullet losing and regaining their hitbox mid flight, the infamous wrench rubber)

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So you're supposed to stun this last boss to defeat him... instead I glitched him through the floor (where he lives happily everafter?).


I was trying to get a time under 7 minutes.
7 minutes
0 seconds
0 milliseconds
The game hates me

The fact that I missed the barrier by a frame isn't bad enough, the game TAUNTED me by displaying my time as 6:60 instead of 7:00
This is caused by a bug in the game's code. I remember seeing the 6 minute part of the time, being so happy, and then seeing the 60 second part and all my happiness went away immediately.

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I was doing an IL on a Venom boss fight for Spider-Man 2000 when suddenly I clipped through the floor for no apparent reason.

Needless to say it's a useless clip in terms of the speedrun, but kinda funny to mess around with. Venom certainly had no clue what just happened 😛

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It happened a couple of times that I was on a really good run/WR pace and then I suddenly lost the entire run because my anti-virus randomly decided to pop-up covering the entire screen to tell me about an update, or the classic "we have a gift for you".
Also the fact that it takes a couple seconds to load + the shock from it appearing + my mouse and keyboard pretty much not responding to the game to focus on the screen that just popped = the ultimate death of the run.

So yeah, definitely the worst way to choke a run that I had so far.

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While running Fallout 76 Any% 3 Player, the arm snapped right off of my computer chair

So that was fun lmao

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F in the chat for Meta's chair

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Just started running Roblox: Speedrun 4 today starting off with 5 levels - No Skips and this happened during the final level during a pb pace run

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Ig you were put out of a good run

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