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I hear a lot about games with really short run times not being accepted by the rules. But what about really old games from the Atari consoles and such. a lot of those games are high score based or very short in general. Would most of them just not get accepted? Alot of them are about "get this score as fast as possible." If its like that is there an exception to that rule? there is less than 100 games under these consoles, and even less than 30 on other consoles around that time. I would love to try to get some fun Atari games in for people to try.


There are Atari games and ColecoVision games on the site. (Click Games, All Games, and then select the platform filter in the top left).

I would imagine if one is not on a leader board already, assuming the game is entirely "unrunable", that anything that's an officially licensed game on a console is going to have for more leeway than, say, random stuff people make on a computer.

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Well, I'm saying all this knowing that there are games on the boards, but so many that deserve one that don't. But if it has more leeway like you say, I should be able to get a bunch more on the site, as there is only about 83 2600 games on here


In general, high score based games won’t be accepted because there is no end condition to the game. Having categories of “Time to reach X score” won’t really work because you could create hundreds of categories by just tweaking the goal score (and boards like that inevitably wind up becoming high score boards rather than speedrun boards).

My guess is that if that is the nature of those games, that’s probably why they aren’t on the site currently. I would recommend looking at high score sites like Cyberscore that handle those types of games if your interest is in high scores.

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like @TimmiluvsTimmiluvs said, most 2600 games are high score based, and the ones with ends (like adventure for example) are on the site. If there are others that have ending that you want on the site you can do a run and request it, however most of the ones that are based off of score are better kept to sites like Cyberscore.

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