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I think is weird that:
"All runs Can only be done with controller. This was decided by a few of us due to the fact touch screens and and a mouse would make it harder for switch users to submit runs with the same times."
PC category should not have rule "Controller Only Runs!"

It is ridiculous.
Switch users have different category, PC players should not restricted by lower control sense.

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Agreed. There are already different categories for Switch, PC and whatever,
seems like the rules were copypasted.
Where did you see that explanation for the controllers-only rule?

Anyway, you should talk with the game moderator about that, complaining here won't help much.


"This was decided by a few of us"
No discord link
No forum posts
Only one moderator
Only one runner (which is the moderator)

Seems legit

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While the reasoning is probably true, 1) who gives a damn, and 2) if a damn is truly given and/or the game is popular enough to merit it (which this one is not, but whatever), that's why you have different categories for different platforms. And though it's handled in a messy way, this game already has that anyway.

I've never seen such a clear-cut case of "but muh WR" before.