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Just joined the community and haven't done runs yet. I'm going to try a game called Downwell - small community and I'm decent at the first half of the game.


Who hasn't played this Red Remover in their elementary school computer class? I used to play this game (amongst others like Red Beard and Red Ball) and Mr. Chavez would get absolutely FURIOUS with me and would sometimes send me outside the computer lab where I wasn't back in the rest of the period. A lot of the times I really let his yelling get to me personally, but that's just how 8 year olds function.

Haha, but that's besides the point. In all seriousness, Red Remover ( ) is an outrageous speedrun using crazy strats like clicking on the squares as fast as possible, navigating through the tedious menu without your mouse freezing up ( I should really consider getting a new mouse since mine has been acting up like hell, but what can you do when your nearest electronics store is a 45 minute drive without traffic), as well as making sure you time your runs properly.

It's a great speedgame for beginners because there is no RNG, and it's a very quick speedrun (6 minutes if you're good like me; but can be about 6 mins and 54 sec if you're not that good with your hands or using your brain for optimal hand-eye coordination), and it brings back lots of nostalgia like Mr> Chavez kicking me out of the computer lab.

Overall, I would recommend Red Remover (and Red Beard) to anyone,


This Is The Only Level is quite a good start imo, the run is like 3 minutes (4 starting out maybe) and it's easy enough to learn, just need to remember what level comes next 🙂


i just uploaded my first speedrun of its a ca1min 2d plattformer without any tricks or glitches but it is great to start learning the real basics.


Ratchet and clank games are beast to speedrun, especially the first one 🙂


Yo guys ive been wanting to get into some speedruns for some games and i was wondering where i should start


Games you enjoy are the best start.

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Even if your PC is bad, you can always run browser games. Obviously since I'm mod of Moto X3M I'm gonna plug it here but there are plenty of others as well. They're usually pretty short, and easy to run. For WiiU, like others have said, you could always run VC games and Wii games.


I'm new to speed running, I've started speed running Streets of Rage because it's a game I've pretty much mastered to the point where playing it casually isn't really fun for me anymore. If there's any game like that for you, that might be a good idea for you to speedrun.


A good game to start speedrunning is Contra III / Contra Spirits. The game is only about 20 minutes long and there is only one major strat which is weapon swapping with the Crush weapon.


imo A beginner friendly game has little to no tricks and isn't too long (~20m).
It doesn't really depend on how long it is, like - I would never suggest anyone to start their speedrunning career with SM64 0 Star.


I started with an hour and 15 minute run. Please don't tell people what they can and cannot start with. It's always going to be infinitely better to find a game you enjoy, watch the run of it, and figure out if that looks like something you would be willing to put a lot of time and effort into. Sometimes a game can be fun casually but speedrunning it might not be as fun for you, and vice versa, so as a rule of thumb it's important to consider both.


Just play games, and if there's one you like enough to play again, try to do it faster. Keep improving, time yourself, and then you're speedrunning.

Have fun.

A couple free game suggestions:

Tower of Heaven
Within a Deep Forest


Seconded. The most commonly asked question is the most difficult to answer because it depends on the person. I think it's like someone asking the community what his favorite color is. We can suggest our favorites, but saying that it's definitely ¤not¤ blue or whatever might keep that person from ever actually discovering his favorite color.


My first speedrun was over 4 hours (because I was bad at it, of course, but my current PB is still a hefty 3:26). There is no one correct answer to this question, speedrun whatever the fuck you want

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I agree. My first speedrun was over 3 hours long (and my PB for it is currently 2 hours.
It really depends on what you like. Granted, some games are easier for beginners, but that doesn't always mean that the "easy" games are meant for that particular person. It really depends on their (a) skill level, (b), dedication, (c), how much time they have, and (d), how much they enjoy that particular game.


If you're persistent and up for a challenge, I would recommend just about any nes game. Contra, megaman (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), smb, smb2, smb3, smb ll, kid icarus, and so on. If you don't want anything too hard, then super mario world for the snes (duh) is my top pick.


pulling a dead forum with update 3 months ago but from a year ago?


Ok so heres my little problem. everyone here is saying cheap pc games yet i have no pc, i have tried stuff like wii sports smb and more on a wii, can any of you suggest any games i can get on wii/wii u virtual console?


Some good game that I like:

1. New Super Mario Bros. (Wii)
2. Mario Kart (Wii)
3. Link's Crossbow Training (Wii)
4. Minecraft (Wii U)
5. Wii Sport Resort (Wii)

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