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im interested to speedrun but im only 11 almost 12 so do i need age to speedrun games please help me.

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I don't think so.
As long as you don't take things too seriously i'd say it doesn't matter. Just have fun.

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Some of the best speedrunners are around 13 years old. Go for it.

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I mean, given your parents have no issue with posting videos and such, there's no age limit to submitting runs to this site.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions you may have about running a particular game in the specific game forums.

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If you're old enough to play video games, you're old enough to speedrun. Nobody can stop you for being "too young".

That said, I believe you need to be 13 to use Twitch, not sure if YouTube (or any other platform) has any age restrictions for streaming/uploading videos.

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ok. of course i ask my parents that im
recording runs on yt. btw sorry for bad england cause im finnish.

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Dude id be MORE impressed to see someone so young speedrun and i say go for it, what do you intend to speedrun?

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Looks like we will raise the new generation with speedrunning. Now I'm thinking, what will I tell my future grandchildren.

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Who needs AI when your kids will be speedrunning better than you?

Honestly, though, this is great.

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I'd say, totally go for it! Go for the best times you can for speedrunning, I'm yet 14, and one of my speedruns (at the time I posted this) is already awaiting verification.

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Yeah a lot of people in the community are younger than you think. If you look at mandude in the SM64 community, he’s like 10 and plays the game alongside WR contenders, imagine what he’ll be like when he’s an adult. That’s why I think it’s great to get into it young, because you will improve so much if you stick with it. My only word of advice is to not let it take too much of a toll on you mentally or socially

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im 13 years old and im speedrunning the age is not a problem to make runs

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Lots of WR holders for notable speedgames like Weegee14, Skater82207, and Nindiddeh are all (as far as I know) still in their teen years and have been speedrunning for several years. Age requirements should never be an issue for you.

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Yeah again with the SM64 Weegee14 had the WR for a long time in a REALLY optimized category. I’m young myself and speedrunning is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, much better than Fortnite (amirite guys)

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Weegee's a teenager? I swear on his streams he sounds like he's 24.


He's 15 currently, the 14 is from his age when he had WR

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I wonder when he'll change his name to Weegee15 Kappa


I mean, cheese dropped the "05" from his name (I still don't know why).
Maybe it's the start of a trend.

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