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If you want you can do Moving Obstacles II on Geometry Dash. It takes well under a minute.

  xenkaroshixenkaroshi I did this one today, took less than 2h learning/running combined


Hey there! I would suggest a fun Mega Man themed retro game called Robocat, it's free and it needs more runners. Currently, only me and one other person have played it, but you can complete a run in around 5 minutes. You can find the download in the resources tab, very quick to install 🙂


You can try to do any "highscore" categories of any game, principally web ones.


Too many games to name but here are a few games that I run.. Mercs arcade, Dead Connection arcade, a nightmare on elm street nes, castlevania 2 nes, the punisher arcade, contra 3 snes, final fight arcade, final fight 2 and 3 snes. Crime City arcade and Cadash arcade. I literally play thousands of games between consoles and pc games so there really are too much to name. I just wanted to give you examples of some games if you are willing to try them out, they are very fun. 🙂