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I’m wondering if there is a known 106% speedrun record for Xbox... The xbox version can’t be run as fast because of not having some characters like Naija and slower load times and not being able to skip end credits etc...I am only able to run the Xbox version because my computer is not very good especially if I try to record and use LiveSplit. Can anyone lead me to a video record of the best Xbox 106% run? I can’t find one anywhere. I want to go for the WR!


what is super meat pub tho? i"m only aware of smb


I meant to type Super Meat Boy haha and those are all PC Speedrun times


There's a PS4 entry as well. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, since I know nothing about the game, and say that all versions run the same.

When in doubt, ask the game's forum, not here.

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Unfortunately they do not run the same. A much faster time is achievable on the PC version with some reasons mentioned above. Could you send a link to the SMB forum? I wasn’t sure how to access one for specific games


Actually I just found the forum haha. Thanks for your help!


There are a few game systems that do get ninja if u have them or that version.
Xbox live arcade and wiiu 🙂 so might be a good option if you have one of these to use that instead?