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I wanna stream my LM runs but I don't have a capture card. is it against the rules to use dolphin? would my time be significantly impacted?


You'd be best off discussing it with the active community for your game, whether emulators are accepted and if so, in what form. Generally speaking, emulator runs aren't that comparable to console runs, not only due to lag and loading differences, but also control differences (e.g., some games are easier to play on keyboard than a gamepad).

If other runners agree with the use of emulators, then it's fine to submit such runs.


I don't run the game, but if I remember correctly Dolphin is not allowed because of lag difference, but double check with the community to be sure. The general rule of thumb though is that is probably isn't allowed 🙁


It really varies from game to game. Another factor is luck manipulation so if a game is save-stated after the RNG has been determined for a game (i.e. upon reset), then those factors will be identical each time the game is played.

However, in a simple platformer such as Super Mario Bros., the game doesn't really change much when played on an emulator (although things like the hammer bros. are questionable in certain versions).

It's definitely a grey issue, but generally, it's a safe bet to play on console when possible to avoid any doubt that you legitimately achieved your time. Hope that helps a little!


Starting on emulator, then moving to the real thing if/when you're WR-competitive, to me is a good rule to follow.

It costs some money but if you're that good the money can usually be raised. 🙂