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Hi i found this guy Cheating in the speedrun look at his emeralds he had 19 then he goes in a other world or something and then he has like 30 emerlads thats Cheating!!!!


This looks to my untrained eyes like some sort of duplication glitch, which would be allowed in that category, which allows for glitches. The main difference between glitches and cheating is that glitches can be done without any external tools, meaning if you were skilled enough, you could do the same thing.

If you want a more specific answer, you might want to ask in the leaderboard's forum or Discord.


ok sorry to a tad bit mean but, @CrashtoxCrashtox, you sound like you're 8.


Yes, I'm sure someone who's brand new to the site is better at detecting cheating in a WR run on one of the most popular games than the mods who have been playing the game and watching speedruns for years.


I'm sorry but was that sarcasm?? I get real confused about it so please use /s to tell me if its sarcasm lmao.