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I have a Chromebook with Linux (beta) installed. I want to know, what webgames or basic Linux games could I speedrun? Please help! 🙂


just for the love of god don't run cookie clicker, for your own sanity

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Thanks everyone! I wont run Cookie Clicker =)


Don't listen to the dark side, Cookie Clicker is the way to go

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Webgames are just flash games right? Ultimate Flash Sonic is pretty fun and you can spend a lot of time practicing due to how glitch heavy it is. It can pretty much run on anything

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Web games can also be made with Java, Html5, Unity, Scratch (as a platform), or others.


did you ever hear the tragedy of rubylight? it isn't a story the original donor's would tell you. It's a speedrunning legend. rubylight was a speedrunner of cookie clicker so good at clicking that he could use clicks... to obtain world record. he was able to use clicks to make the runs he cared about... #1 on the leaderboard

Cookie clicker speedruns are a pathway to many experiences some consider to be... terrible


run pico-8 games Dungeon of Numenas or 2, Celeste Classic, Shelled Shinobi


Look at everything that Oreo runs.
Most of those games are great.


I cannot use Flash games because Adobe Flash is gone. I am a web developer and I have made many web games with HTML5/JavaScript, so I know how they work (I like to edit Debian boot files). Thank you everyone for the suggestions.


@FutureGamesFutureGames Certain sites (think Newgrounds, etc.) use Flash emulators, so you can use Flash games.


Also many flash games are being ported to HTML5.
Also there's still ways to access the raw game files and play them in standalone flash players.

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@QuivicoQuivico does Kongregate do that?

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@FutureGamesFutureGames Right now, Kongregate recommends installing the Supernova SWF Chrome Extension if you want to play Flash games on it, otherwise they won't work (on the major browsers at least). Non-flash games work fine.
If you want to play the old Flash games, I recommend just playing them on the Flashpoint program ( )

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