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So I have purchased my 2nd Elgato HD in 6 months. It took me a good while to save for them both hence the gap. They've both had the same problem.

At first, I couldn't get an image to appear on my TV but it would appear on my laptop. Once this was fixed I started streaming via OBS, but after about 5 minutes of recording, regardless of the console or game being recorded, the recording goes into an uncontrollable stutter. The only way to make it stop is to stop the stream and unplug the Elgato device. This happens every time, without fail.

When I contacted the staff behind the device, they ran out of ideas to help me. Please help! I really want to join the speedrunning community with this thing, but can't as long as this stutter issue continues!

(I will try and save a video in the meyantime to show the problem better!)

EDIT: Here is the video, go to 7:10. For some reason there is no sound 😮

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is the issue only happening w/ OBS, or also with the software they gave you with the card?
Try capturing the footage from the included software, not directly from OBS
make sure the drivers are up to date, your power source is actually providing enough power and double check all cables to see if they're still intact.

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Is there a way to directly stream from the software to YouTube?


dunno, I dont have an elgato - using screengrab or window capture is the only way to grab it from the software if it does not support streaming.
I only know that the AVerMedia software does allow streaming from the bundled software.


The Elgato recording software allows streaming, but I've not used it so unfortunately cant say how god or bad it is


I use an elgato hd60 the stuttering happens to me too on obs, I have to use the elgato game capture thing, which is fine for recording raw feed, but for streaming it sucks