Any% No Major Glitches - Normal in 1h 29m 53s* by CosmicborneCosmicborne - 5th place

Time with loads: 1h 32m 13s

Submitted by:
CosmicborneCosmicborne on
Played on:
PC on
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TriggerTrigger on


Name Duration Finished at
APARTMENT 1m 02s 000ms 1m 02s
SUBWAY 0m 55s 000ms 1m 58s
LABORATORY 1m 44s 000ms 3m 42s
AWAKENING 2m 18s 000ms 6m 01s
UPSILON 2m 40s 000ms 8m 42s
UNRELIABLE HILL 2m 26s 000ms 11m 08s
TRANSPORT STATION 4m 44s 000ms 15m 53s
LAMBDA 2m 51s 000ms 18m 44s
M.S. CURIE VESSEL 4m 13s 000ms 22m 58s
DELTA 5m 38s 000ms 28m 36s
ZEPELLIN 3m 14s 000ms 31m 51s
THETA ENTRANCE 7m 52s 000ms 39m 44s
THETA LABORATORIES 7m 35s 000ms 47m 20s
THETA CATACOMBS 4m 08s 000ms 51m 28s
OMICRON QUARANTINE 4m 02s 000ms 55m 30s
OMICRON 8m 17s 000ms 1h 03m 47s
THE CLIMBER 5m 52s 000ms 1h 09m 40s
THE ABYSS 5m 39s 000ms 1h 15m 20s
TAU 3m 53s 000ms 1h 19m 14s
ALPHA 3m 46s 000ms 1h 23m 00s
PHI 8m 10s 000ms 1h 31m 11s
EXPRESSWAY TO THE STARS 1m 02s 000ms 1h 32m 13s
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