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When I was trying to do my first BTG run I accidentally discovered a way to skip levels (like in NES version).

Looks like some stages has an item that looks like a ball with wings (or a golden snitch). If you defeat an enemy and you're lucky to get it you can skip stages. At the moment I was able to find 3 of them.

First one (Timestamp: 22:16) makes you go from B18F to B12F and the second (Timestamp: 38:16) moves you from 05F to 09F:

When I was uploading my run I decided to give a try to a BTG attempt again (offstream) and accidentally found a 3rd one that makes you go from B09F to B02F:

I don't know exactly the pattern that you need to follow to get those skips and/or if you need to defeat specific enemies to get it, this is something that need some testings. Plus I think that probably the item can spawn in another stages.

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Wow nice finds!! Ill talk with the other mods and see what they have to say. More than likely we will make an All Stages category and a second category for the use of skips. Thank you for posting!

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Nice find and having a all levels board and any% board would probably be a good idea which I'm cool with. 🙂


Board and rules have been updated. 🙂