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I think 17-2 has lots and lots of potential to be optimised,
im about to post my current strategy for the level in 'Guides', I got a 2:21 with it but that was with sloppy movement, I would really like to see everyone try and reduce this as much as possible


I'm guessing you're looking at 100% rather than any%? Looks like you already have an any% that's a lot faster (and have already updated 100% with new strats in the video at least) 😛 I haven't taken a look at 100% yet but for any% I think it's slightly faster to use the bob-omb from the bottom right room to explode the blocks below the pipe instead of using the pipe helmet. Unfortunately that doesn't help much for 100% I think 😕

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yes, i thought the level was long then i realised it can be some in (for me 38) seconds, so ill be focusing on the 100% category, im about to submit a 1:33, and I think i have a good route, not sure though.