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So once the release of King Knight's campaign happens, there will be an All Characters tab under the character tabs to be used for any of the 4 main categories (or anything that applies to all characters). The debate here is whether one should have to skip the credits for each game via mashing, or if allowing the game to be turned off and back on (which is a different amount of time for each console and from one PC to the next) should be the the way of moving from one character to the next in the category. We have a way to make it not a fixed character order for either choice if that is your concern (via splitting at YCG logo after final character/fade to black on final cutscene).

Cast your vote.

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I vote no restart, any order, and split on final hit of last game.


I vote no restart, any order, and time end on last cutscene goes to black.


just mashing, I think (not like i'm gonna run it but if seems more fair)


mashing, any order, normal end timing (last hit)


I vote no restart (mash credits), any character order, and split on YCG logo appearing.

EDIT: After more thought I change my mind; I like any character order and split on last hit. I think it's ok to be "penalized" for playing a different character order. It's analogous to picking an easier route that loses time.


I'd vote mashing / no restart. We already mash for other things, so I don't really see the issue here.

I'd also vote end time on YCG logo. If I'm understanding correctly, "any order" and "end time on last hit" are contradictory to each other because they'd pretty much require whoever has the longest ending cutscenes to be played last for optimality.


-Cney well since we skip all cutscenes anyway it wouldn't actually matter. If there's a cutscene we can't skip, since we can't quit and we can't stop the timer until YCG logo according to what you said, we'd see whatever we'd have to see anyway.


Breadpan, for clarification, the cutscenes he's referring to are the ones directly after you beat the last boss till the start of the credits. You can't skip those. You can only skip the text when it appears.

This is why if it was last hit along side mashing through credits, the last game would be locked via longest post-final boss cutscene. That is why it's one or the other because either complete freedom order or complete locked order. Not one game is locked in place and the others are free. This is why the final split on ycg logo was proposed. For complete equality of having any game in any order.


No restart, any order, last hit.

Just because one campaign may end up being best saved for last by a few seconds doesn't mean you're "locking" people into making it last. They could simply lose the few seconds if they strongly care about a different character order (for some reason).


I agree with JHobz: there might be an optimal order by a few seconds, but a runner might choose to start with the character they're weakest with so they can get the hardest part of the run out of the way, even if the order isn't absolutely optimal.


Oh. oopsies. I keep forgetting about that because I always drop my ds right after time and dont really even watch the cutscenes.


There are runs of other multiple game challenges with game swaps included. If you choose to run the game with the longest intro at any point other than first, you lose time. It's just how it works, and that's okay for this type of challenge. Just leave open the option to plan your route around that and let people make that choice individually.


Let's try to avoid comparing how other games do things please. This is our game.

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Yeah. Other runs switch consoles or exit the game either because they literally have no choice or for some kind of exploit/ glitch in the game that involves quitting the game. Shovel Knight has none of that.


I agree that every case is different, but knowing how a team has approached a similar situation doesn't hurt in the slightest. There's nothing wrong with being open-minded in this situation.

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I vote for no reset, any order, split in YCG Logo.