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Hi girls and guys,

just wanted to ask if it makes sense to include the Amiga version of this game for one of the categories?

I have read here that there was already a split for the Leaderboards (Arcade and Genesis) and I am not asking for something like this, becauseI dont know if there are more then one guy to run this game on the Amiga.

But maybe I can submit a run to Arcade (or Genesis)- Categories in the future - for fun?

I am totally okay when this is for whatever reason not possible, but I had to try it 🙂

Here is a video of the Amiga version:




If you have done a run, just request a new game, Or you can ask Kusanagi (series mod) to add one.

It's perfectly fine to have a leaderboard with just one runner.


I wouldn't mind adding a side category for assorted console/computer ports. Do the Amiga/C64/other random versions have an in game timer too? Just out of curiosity.