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I don't have a video because I played on the NDS which is much harder to record. I've tried playing on an emulator and every time I try to record it and even during normal gameplay, it lags and stutters and makes the game(s) unplayable.

The rules linked only apply to the SFC release of the game. The NDS port has many changes that completely change how the game is played.

I played the Time Attack mode from the main menu which allows the player to carry in one item. I chose to carry in a Jar of Holding [5] with the most OP gear possible.
Kabra Reborn (every seal)
Windshield (every seal)
Wooden Arrows (80 - 90 stack, un-used)
Armband of Sight
Blank Scroll: Removal (for the final boss)

There should probably be 3 categories for Table Mountain:
Story, Time Attack (no items), Time Attack (any items).

Time Attack mode plays differently than the story and I previously posted on the forums about some of the problems with the categories as they are.

My in-game time displays as 20:03 because a stupid time attack rule where you have to collect 10,000 Gitan (currency) or be penalized 10 minutes. Though going out of my way to collect 10,000 Gitan seriously slows down the run and defeats the purpose of playing fast. The penalty is garbage and I choose to log my actual time.
Run 1: Carried in 9,999 Gitan

Run 2: Didn't carry in Gitan.

The dungeon names listed are almost all wrong as well.
• Table Mountain (Main-story)
Table Mountain (with items)
Table Mountain (without items)
*Tainted Path (Continuation of the main story dungeon, missing)
• Ceremonial Cave (NDS exclusive, missing)
• Ravine of the Dead (NDS exclusive, missing)
• Kitchen God (Food-gimmick dungeon, plays differently than the SFC. Allows pre-leveling.)
• Scroll Cave (Trap-gimmick dungeon, plays differently than the SFC. Allows pre-leveling.)
• Fay's Final Puzzle
• (Main Menu > Time Attack)
Table Mountain (with items)
Table Mountain (without items)


I got my shield wrong. The Windshield is a rare shield that can be transformed into a more powerful version, the Stormward. (Same goes for my Weapon, the Kabra's Blade can be transformed into a Kabra Reborn.)