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As someone that loves roguelikes, I understand that the nature of these runs should involve dealing with the cards that you are dealt. But when it comes to speedrunning, which is better? Resetting 10,000 times until you get the perfect luck and get a new record? Or figuring out how the RNG works and using it to your advantage?

When games like Final Fantasy 4 have intentional RNG manipulation and it's celebrated and accepted by their speedrunning community, one has to wonder why Yogi's run wouldn't be accepted as just "any%", especially in a game where the number of English speakers that might know enough about Shiren to validate a run, much less create rules for its community, is in the single digits.

Interestingly enough, there are no rules against it on the Japanese leaderboards site. (Probably because nobody has tried real-time manipulation of Shiren except Yogi.) Other than Yogi's run, the Japanese leaderboards for this game (and rules for the run) can be found here: None of the runs on the page have intentional RNG manipulation. Probably.

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Moving everything over since the fastest runs shouldn't be hidden in Misc, and half the runs don't have working videos anyways. The kzy8 run is ACE to perform some glitch in the town after floor 4, but I'm not sure if he triggers the Condor room at the end as it just looks like he still has control after beating the boss.