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I found 2 new tricks while trying to get a better time.
The first is in Spider's Tower
Instead of jumping to the nex balcony after destroying the orb you fall and then ledge grab the second balcony below. Similarly to how it is done on the first level, you will not take fall damage then you can safely land on the boat.

The next skip is on "The Knights" and can save a bit less than 10 seconds.
While climbing up the chain after the first 3 knights you can jump and land on top of the overhang, then you can jump over to the next floor and finish the level.


Nice finds, I also found a strat recently for The Archers:


It is possible to jump straight up to the beam using the left wall, but I haven't been able to do it consistently. Also, the arrow only just makes it up to the orb, so you have to jump and shoot lol