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Today I accidentally warped through the floor of level 3 while doing a full game run. I managed to reproduce the glitch and get this run of Level 3:

It's actually slower than Deffar's WR Level 3 Barrier Jump, but it's definitely possible to refine this strategy and do it faster.

How to recreate:

1. Get to second branch
2. Walk all the way right
3. Bump the top branch to glitch into the second branch
4. Bump the second branch from above, to glitch further into the second branch
5. Bump the second branch from above once again. Sometimes, you will glitch through the floor

Keep in mind that steps 4 and 5 are extremely unreliable.


I managed to get a similar warp with a different, much faster setup. I'll try to record it.


Bonus clip:

Haven't able to replicate this one, it appears to be extremely rare.


I managed to get a different warp on accident, but it is sorta inconsistent. Here's a video of me doing it pretty quickly (run starts at 0:23)

As far as I can tell, you want to line the hammer up directly above his eye and go straight down (maybe a bit to the left) quickly.

(edit: after doing it for about 10 more minutes, I can get it around 6/10 of my attempts, and it's not even that inconsistent.)


So apparently, this works

I could imagine this could take only 2 seconds when optimal, plus, if warping too far down is a possibility, as with all of the other warps, you could potentially instantly warp to the end. Sometimes, this method flings you down, and that seems to be the fastest way possible, and other times, your head gets stuck in the ceiling, like in my clip. (slower but still quick)

(Edit: I found a setup that makes this more consistent, line the hammer up directly above the center of his head right as you start moving, and when you are about to reach the very left, pull down and ever so slightly to the right, and it should clip through)


To make Tehninza's Level 3 clip more consistent, focus on making the handheld end (the opposite of the striking end) of the hammer go leftwards. You will see in the run that I kind of do a circular motion in order to position that end of the hammer correctly.

Edit: After further testing it appears that I am wrong.


Another level 3 showcase, which is more useful for the level 3 category than for skips full game runs: