I have had someone raise concerns over the rules for emulators.
In the rules, it says: "For emulator runs, please state the name & version of the emulator used in your submission. Smartphone emulators are banned."
While I did not write the rules myself, I feel that this portion is reasonable and takes little time and effort on the runner's part to include. If you take issue with the rule, please feel free to say something here. Thanks!

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i dont have an issue with the rule myself. Just curious why it was added in the first place? like what is the reasoning behind it.


because beleive it or not poeple are not reading rules and use banned emulators .. so thats why the rules ask for it .

banned emulators dont emulate properly therefore have a wrong timing ..

not talking to this game particularly but in general.


My understanding is that the mod who added the rule did so in all the boards where they were a mod.

I can't speak for them as to the "why", but I would assume it's a measure toward preventing cheating in general and not to specifically stop someone on this particular board.


i understand where both where billybankai and the mod who wrote the rules are coming from, but to just add a new rule saying phone emulators are banned and then not even say you updated the rules page in anyway just seemed odd to me.


Yeah, I get that that can be frustrating. Certainly, if I ever edit the rules in anyway, I'll make a forum post about it.


telling the board you are bothering to submit a run to the emulator you are using is never, in any way, unreasonable.

Complaining about a rule so simple and reasonable is ridiculous. if you don't care, don't submit a run


im not complaining about the rule, the rule is fine and in both of my new runs i submitted in the last week i followed the rule (after i knew it existed). what i was asking was the "WHY", like why add a new rule and not post about how you added it and as you have read this forum thread it is to prevent cheating, which i agree with. Asking questions about the "why" add this rule out of the blue when it wasnt required before is a valid question and i know now that one of the mods of the barbie community added this rule on the a bunch of games he was a mod of.