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Hi guys,

first thx a lot for doing the two runs, I am happy this game still gets some attention through this.
Besides I can't view the #1 run. The Video is "empty".

  Super Modromibi

Oh well … looks like TheBackstepper forgot to set his Twitch-Video to be Archived indefinitely …
I think there's nothing we can do about it … except beat his time …

  Super Modromibi

I found a local copy of the 2nd best run of TheBackstepper on my Harddrive …
I'm uploading it to Youtube.
You'll be able to watch that here:

  Super ModTheBackstepper

I edited my run here cause my best run had no proof. Currently there's no reason to run again, since my PB is far away from anything else. I'll run it again if I have any competition cough romibi cough
Big thanks to you for uploading my 2nd best though

  Super Modromibi

Tanks. This solution is the best to prevent confusion and discussions but I didn't want to be mean.
Yes I know … I should attempt to beat your time.
But finding time to do a speedrun where one attempt is multiple hours is a bit difficult.