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Scooby-Doo Mystery Mayhem 100%

---------------Haunting of Hambridge-----------------------

Clue #1: At the top of the stairs, before getting the basement key. This one is hard to miss.
Clue #2: Inside the bookshelf room on the side of the room before climbing across to where the key is there is a set of boxes against the left wall. On top of which is the second clue.
Food 1 The Ham: This food can be gotten now or during backtracking. This food is in the corner of the room where Scooby has to push carts while shaggy waits. Once re-united with shaggy the backside of the room has climbable boxes. All the way on the top is the ham.
Clue#3: In the same room as the ham, there is a clue on the wall far from the original entrance on top of a bookshelf.
Food 2 Tomatoes: The tomatoes are in a maze-like room with a couple of ghosts. There is a bookshelf to the right of the door (leading to the room with ham and clue 3) which the tomato is on top of.
At this point Ensure you have the shadow page found in the hallway after catching all the ghosts in the room with Velma
Food 3 Mayo: While backtracking the mayo is in the same door that you originally found the hideout key. After getting the shadow page head to the right side of the hallway and enter the last door, and at the far end of that hallway the last door has the mayo.
Food 4 Lettuce(1): This one will be the last item you grab however, after grabbing the mayo you have to begin catching all the ghosts. First catch the shadows in the hallway with the mayo. (Hint: use the minimap to see red dots which are enemies) Next catch all the shadows in the next hallway.
Clue#4: This is the last clue (aside from the one automatically collected) This clue is in the middle of a ghost catching room while backtracking after obtaining the Tome of Doom.
Food 4 Lettuce(2): Continue to catch all the shadows and ghosts in all the rooms and hallways. The next shadow is missable after catching the 2 green ghosts in the room with the bookshelf that rotates, continue into the next room, there is another door on the same wall as the one you just exited from. Enter it and inside you will find a shadow or 2 to catch. Check the minimap before leaving. Just catch all the ghosts in the next few rooms along with the pickle room and the lettuce should appear in the first room (where clue#1 was) if the Lettuce is not here you missed at least one ghost and must either re-start or ensure you have caught all the ghosts and shadows.
Food 5 Pickle: In the room where you originally found the Basement Key you will find the pickle in the same spot. (up the bookshelf ladder) Also make sure to catch the ghosts if you are getting the lettuce. You can also get clue 2 if you missed it.

---------------Mayhem at the Movies---------------------------------

Clue#1: In the first room use Scooby to crawl under the small passage on the left side grass set hidden behind some fake bushes.
Food 1 Ham: After going to the moon crawl under the stack of silver crates at the bottom of the stairs as Scooby.
Clue#2: in the graveyard room, go to the far back corner (follow a line of Scooby snacks down the stairs) you will see a camera and to the left of the stairs there is a climbable box, on top is the clue.
Food 2 Lettuce: After re-uniting with shaggy after a short cutscene focus on the left wall. At the top of a small hill is a break in the wall which is climbable. Then you will get the Lettuce. Do not leave the room without the lettuce.
Clue#3: In the Poltergeist room the clue is in the back corner.
Clue#4: (Last) After Chasing the red knight enter the Roman/Egypt section. There will be large column walkways Shaggy will have to push. To the left of the 2 plywood ramps there is a staircase that leads to the top of the colosseum where Scooby is trapped. There you will find another clue.
Food 3 Mustard: After entering the room where a key gets catapulted elsewhere push all the moveable walkways and when climbing the broken columns go LEFT and all the way down the path to find the mustard (In the same room).
Food 4 Eggs: In the ship room go down the scaffolds and look for a wood plank leading to a ladder; on top of which you will find the director with some eggs next to him. (you do not have to get the valve before the eggs)
Food 5 Cheese: After obtaining the gear and going through the lava room do not proceed back towards the boat, instead head back into the room where the boulder chased you out (Right before the cog room you have to enter forward after getting the cog). On top of the hill the boulder rolled down you will find the cheese.

----------------------------Weird Wild West----------------------------

Food 1 Barbecue Sauce: This is Missable!! In the Dark room, once you rescue shaggy do not head back into the dark, instead climb the boxes next to shaggy.
Clue#1&2: After leaving the dark room in the tavern with the stage and piano, there is a set of stairs left of the stage, a cutscene will play of Scooby and shaggy dodging a barrel. Up the stairs through the door is the first clue, behind the bar opposite the stairs is the second.
Food 2 Hot Peppers: This is behind some boxes on the far side of the street close to the school and bank.
Food 3 Bacon: In one of the covered wagons in the strip.
Clue#3 && Food 4 Cheese: In the mine cart section collect as many nuggets as you can to unlock the cheese in the vending machine (my runs tend to have 128, but i believe you only need 125). (you can retry this). The clue is in the 6th or 7th section of the minecart after a section which splits off into three paths. In the room it will start with a track meeting up with the straight away on the right, there will be a jump and a right path ignore it. There is then a three way split with three gold nuggets on the right, go straight and take the next right (This is the 3rd right in the room). There will be a crossbar, Duck or Jump it then go left jump and then right. after another hole hold left and you should grab the clue. (Dying will not take the clue away)
Clue#4: after leaving the minecart before entering the school there is a clue behind a small barrel out in the grass.
Food 5 Chicken: After completing the mine cart section at least once, head back to the entrance of the minecart. In front of the track the chicken will be there. (Careful not to trigger the minecart ride again as you will have to do the entire thing again)

---------------Bad juju in the Bayou--------------------

Clue#1: This can be gotten immediately or after finishing the pipe maze (as with food 1). In the maze of bushes in the area with the fountain it is behind bushes by the door to the pipe maze room.
Food 1 Fish: On top of the pump room. Climb the bridge over the pipes and head right to find boxes leading to the top of the pipe maze entrance door.
Post Gumbo
Food 2 Shrimp: In the first water section there is a log maze, swim through and on the shore is a shrimp.
Clue#2: In the Billy Bob Section after going through the trees cross a wood bridge over the water onto an island. At the far end is the clue.
Clue#3: In the next swimming section after billy bob there is a pier on the left side past a swamp tree. On the shore is a clue.
Food 3 Chicken: In the section where billy bob is rescuing shaggy from the zombie cage go left upon spawning, there is chicken behind the tent.
Clue 4, as well as 2 food items are in the motorcycle section
Clue#4: After the second fade to black there are wooden platforms, take the first left. There will be a clue high in the trees. If you jump on the ramp you should be able to grab it. (If you miss it die and try again).
Food 4 Hot peppers: After the load screen in the middle of the motorcycle section you will reach a checkpoint. Directly after this there is a ramp. With a small jump you can get the hot peppers on the ground after the ump but before the tree you duck under.
Food 5 Ketchup: There is a fade to black after the hot peppers. In this new section go left. this path will lead up through some trees and the ketchup is floating off the edge when the path begins to turn left and another section is bellow. Drop down without jumping and you should get the Ketchup. As always if you miss death abuse and try again.

----------------Hi-Tech Terror-----------------

Clue#1: After sneaking past the first guard there is a disguise box with the clue in front.
Clue#2: After sneaking past a ton of guards, there is a staircase that leads up a few times, there is a clue on this walkway.
Next you will take the elevator
Food 1 Eggs: After the first teleporter, in the steam room there are metal boxes on the left past the lockers climb up and over them and you will find eggs.
Sometimes the steam will kill you, you can shut the steam off first if you want
Clue#3: After Catching the zombies, in the next room climb up on the center structures. Before getting the yellow key, grab the clue. (To get the yellow key, disguise yourself then get spotted by a guard)
Clue#4: While Rescuing the gang there is a clue on the first floor.
Food 2 Bacon: This is on the second floor and unlocks after pressing all but 1 button which will save the gang.
Clue#5: In your path on the way back downstairs.
Food 3 Slab of Meat: When you get back to the room where the eggs and the steam was, enter the room where the zombies are and go through the door to the steam room (previously entered by the robot to turn levers) the meat is in this room.
Food 4 Barbecue Sauce: Back in the starting room go to the vending machine and use it to get the sauce.
Food 5 onion: During the fight with the fire ghost, before beating phase 1 turn on 1 water sprinkler and catch 2 regular fire ghosts. The onion will appear in the same corner that Scooby and shaggy spawn in. (this can be gotten in any part of phase 1 prior to activating the 4 water valves)

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