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Hey are we allowed to create a new save file and load that same file while doing a run?

There's potentially a cutscene skip this way (maybe more).

Here's what it looks like:

EDIT: I found more skips. One on Home Planet and another on Volcanic Planet. None of the skips interfere with any of the puzzles. They just skip cutscenes.


I'm not sure if this would work; by doing this, you're loading a save file from a completely separate game, technically removing the purpose of starting a fresh new game.

It's up to the mods, though.


Ok, so I tested it out any many other parts of the game and it only seems to work during the mandragora cutscene.

Basically, once he gives you the mandragora back from the tea kettle, you create a new save file from that spot, and immediately load that save. Once it loads, you'll already have the tea kettle in your inventory, pretty much avoiding the cut scene where he tells you how to use it. It saves about 40 seconds! Sub 44 min is totally possible with this strat, especially if you have good RNG on the intuitive puzzles.

Allowable or nah?

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Technically not from a different game, it's the same game/speedrun cuz you create a new save file and load that same save file that you just created @plankboii

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Since I've been made mod, I'll start a poll for any runners of this game/series.
The save/load cutscene skips don't skip any of the game's puzzles, and make the speedrun a little shorter.

So far, to allow it on the main category:
- I'm for it
- supermod Bigmanjapan is against it

We could also allow it in a 2nd category, if runners vote for it.

If no one replies/votes by Friday June 14, and since Bigmanjapan doesn't run this game anymore, I'll allow it on the main category.

EDIT: All right, I'm gonna allow it 🙂


Ended up creating a new category for it: Any% (Cutscene Skips)