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Well hello all!

Just a quick question about general coop runs and especially about the current wr run:

Are zsnes coop runs allowed? (zsnes is one of the few emulators that can handle multiplay via internet)
If yes i think it should not be allowed anymore because the zsnes emulator is well known for not emulating the games on an accurate go faster on that emulator than on actual real console.

So in addition to that i want to ask if the wr is done on zsnes aswell, because if so i dont think it should be on the boards.

Thank you for a quick replay and have a nice rest sunday 🙂


Hi @ZockerstuZockerstu

To be honest with you i don't think it's a big problem, emulators will ALWAYS be behind OG hardwares no matter what emu players think, even HD consoles trying to emulate them are still inaccurate but i won't go full mad man style banning or restricting them like some other infamous community does. Separating those is the best thing to do instead. Sometimes you don't have a choice and can't do this other than using emus.

In the case of Sailor moon games i think it's not necessary to separate yet, there's not much people running the game anyway but if it start getting popular for whatever reason then we'll have to change this.

This is my take on this topic, if people vote against it, i won't agree with them but i won't stop them either it's community based and not official stuff, we're just doing this for fun and a lot of people tends to forget that. I just think it'll just further down cut the enjoyment of the set game with too much restrictions.

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Hey thank you for that quick reply,

tbh i never checked how much zsnes is faster than console..i just know that ppl generally say it is faster no matter what. As for such a short run it surely does not matter.
But yes it most likely is, i dont know.

But yes i mean we dont have to change it since the game is anyways not too optimized yet



zsnes should def be banned, there are better emulation options today. I don't know of any serious snes leaderboard that accepts it


yea zsnes is definitely banned globally, so should be common sense that it is for here aswell

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