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Are you planning to have an All Chaos Emeralds category? I've started running ACE more frequently and really like it. I think it would be a nice addition to this board. What is your opinion on this?


The only reason I can think of, why such a category (which is basically 100%) shouldn't exist, is the absence of such a run. So if you have a run, I am totally in favor for adding this category.

Having that said, I am not really interested in doing such a run myself atm.


I even submitted a run done at the Zocktoberfest, but as "Beat the Game". I stated in the discription that it would be ACE, but it seems the run was verified as BTG (and so it was obsolete right from the start). I'm currently at 21m08s (real time), which isn't the best time for it, but still a valid run imo ^^


Actually, the defacto 100% run of this game would actually be getting the max bonus at the end that involves getting all the lives and doing bonus stages as well. Just doing chaos emeralds in this game when theres actually more to a completionist category is actually pretty silly imo.


Am I missing something, werster?

There is a good and a bad ending in Sonic 1 SMS. Why exactly would it be stupid to make seperate categories for seperate endings? What would be the difference to the Sonic 2 SMS leaderboard where such category seperation exists, without anyone caring about score?


In my opinion All Chaos Emerald makes more sense than 100% as you described it. ACE is a category for most of the Sonic games and it provides some new and interesting strats. The run doesn't change too much of course, but enough to make it a different run (at least that's what I think).
Don't get me wrong: If the community thinks it's not necessary to make it it's own category then I won't complain. It would be just nice to discuss it 🙂


My PB for all emeralds is 18:24 but i've never posted it
I've already asked one year ago if a new category could be created (on Discord) but i do not remember what we said about that.


Personally I'd like to see both all chaos emeralds and max special bonus added if possible. I think there's been 3 runs of max special bonus and several of all emeralds that we could add.


I know of at least 5 people with max special bonus runs now. It takes less than 5 mins to set up a leaderboard for it.

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im also working on max special bonus,


I don't understand why new categories don't get added.
I don't understand why there is such a lack of action and communication from the moderators.

@moderators: Please give the community a clear view on where you stand on this topic. Also please take the SRC moderator guidelines into consideration:
“You do not decide for the community, the community decides for you."


Even if we don't get a board for all emeralds I'd personally love to see a max special bonus board added as it's our 100% category and we have people showing interest in it. More people than the gg version of this game has on it's leader board full stop I should add.


I added max special bonus to both 8-bit Sonic 1 games. For reference in the future, the forums are a pretty poor way to get attention, I know I almost never check these after getting a notification for a new topic (so new posts are pretty much never seen), and I'm probably the most active overall mod. If something like this comes up again, just hit me up through discord or some other more direct method if you want my attention. =)

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