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I was messing around in Sagila's cave and found another way to get through it without doing the snail jump. I'm not sure if its a better route and my guess is that this would be counted as a wrong warp as I transition between screens in a non intended way. So before investigating if it's something that could be used in a run I wanted to check if it would be counted as a wrong warp.

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Wow! Nice find! IMO I don't think this is a wrong warp. Any special trick to getting off the grapple?


What I found was that if you crouch you can stand further out on a ledge than if standing ( about 2-3 pixels I would guess). so if you find that spot, release down and fast press up+attack (without touching left / right, that would cause you to move horizontally)
it took some time to find out how to release it after repelling down, but just holding up+left and spam attack seem to most of the time cause him to drop down.


looks like a clip rather than a WW, though I guess the idea behind no WW is basically glitchless, so this prob would get banned either way. I only ran any% though so im not really sure how that category looks like.


I've had runs with the clip get approved, so I think that this trick is officially allowed in the no WW category.


I don't personally see a problem with that. Fun find I'll try to remember this if I ever get back into it

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