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Hi everyone i'm new to running River City Girls and im trying to learn some of the skips on PS4, but some of the skips I have trouble with like the skip to get the mall keys as well as the entrance to Hibari. do you guys have any tips or tutorials on how to perform the skips?


So if the game still hasn't updated yet, and you can still enter rooms by pressing the interact button once, then it isn't too hard. For the mall key skip you need to have the Speed Juice (or whatever it is called) active while entering the screen with the house, and then once you enter the screen you need to run up to the door and enter it before you get locked out. For the Habari skip you just need to put the cat down fast then enter the door. If you fail the Hibari skip then you can just put the cat down, save and quit the game, then open the save again and the door will be open. It uses up some time but it's still faster than fighting all the enemies in the screen.


alright i know the big thing that happens is that when i do have the turbo juice on for the mall keys it constantly shows the door is locked i know on console it says v 1.01 but i will post a run up here once i finish learning more. I do appreciate that you were able to help me out