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Over the years there have been several submissions from people who have submitted an otherwise good run, but which have been rejected for failing to satisfy some particular criteria in the category rules. It is always sad when that happens, so please make sure you read the rules carefully.

This is the list of all reasons that submissions have been rejected so far:

• Failed to prove that no mods were used. Solution: Go to main menu, open the mods tab, show that no mod is enabled, and then start your run.
• Game audio is not present in the video.
• Video is not viewable (copyright torpedo or privacy setting).
• Run has been submitted twice.
• Neutralize Ancient Danger: Didn’t open cryptocaskets.
• 99 Bottles of Beer: The bottles are never selected and the message “Beer x 99” never shows on screen.

All of above have occurred more than once, except the cryptocasket one.

Some runs have been given mercy despite breaking rules:

• Escape: Ending demo was not shown or player didn’t let the text start scrolling on its own (something it does only in an actual ending,)
• NAD: Didn’t prove that no threats remain.
• Didn’t prove that devmode was not used.
• Didn’t prove that mods were not used.
• Game audio is missing.

Mercy may be given, if the runner is reputable and/or the infraction has negligible impact to the run’s verifiability, and it is clearly an accidental lapse.
However, when the infraction is about failing to perform certain actions that the category mandates, or failing to perform an action that signals the moment when the timer should be stopped, the run has to be rejected for fairness reasons. And it is terribly sad whenever that has to be done. So please do read the rules carefully before you begin your run!

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