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Hello runners, stream viewers, and moderators I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and the new moderation team.

My name is Max and I have been a part of the RE Speedrunning community for over 3 years now and I love this community more than any other I have been a part of. In my time as a speedrunner this community has been nice enough to help me get set up and learn all of these amazing runs and I am so happy that I get the opportunity to help out another community here on SRC. I know that in the past few months there has been a lot of turmoil and strife within our community and I am here today to hopefully be a mediator for that and lead this community to brighter pastures.

The mods I have selected for these boards are some of the most trustworthy people I know from this community as well as other games in the RE community. They are my friends, but even more than that, they are extremely good at what they do and they understand that community should come first. We even have a few verifiers that have volunteered to help us get out of the backlog that will be getting verified or rejected starting tomorrow.

In addition the rules have been updated just as Hurriboy said they would be on March 3rd, 2019. On that date he asked no more runs be submitted for a while so things could be discussed in that time the leadership changed twice and people continued to submit runs. So due to that I made the executive decision that any run submitted after March 3rd, 2019 will be verified or rejected under the new rule set. As a professor at a University when something is stated and everyone knows about it, and then proceeds to do the opposite the professor gives a zero with no questions asked. Therefore we will do the more lenient thing and instead of instantly rejecting these runs we are giving them a chance under the new rules.

These rules were looked at for days and were found to be the best compromise in a lot of areas including the use of Save States for code generation. These will be no longer allowed and instead the console must be shown on the offline emu runs. A video for the optimal and required setup for recording runs will be added in the resources tab soon for reference. If there are any questions or complaints my discord is on my info panel on SRC and you can reach me there anytime. Work will continue on creating a more active Speedrun Board as well as category extensions that the community wants.

If your run gets rejected I have advised the moderators and verifiers to put the rule number that was violated in order to help you make future submissions better. If you are upset about these changes again please talk to me and express them in a concise tactful manner so that we can have a productive discussion and always remember that a rejected run is never the end of the world. If you did it once I guarantee you can do it again. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you out there on the board.

Much love ❤️

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i can't understand some choices


Which choices are confusing to ya Nevs? Would love to discuss them with you either here or in discord my friend. Just hit me up whenever you want!


Which tracker would you like to use? Can you send me the link for it, if it is more informative overall I can edit the link in the rule set


As long as everything is shown on the lastest tracker, it's fine. By everything, I mean all infos the tracker gives.


I was also informed by one of the other moderators that in fact PS2 users can soft reset to get optimal codes. I apologize for the misinformation in the original post, I was unaware that this was possible. Because of that it is only fair for everyone involved in the community now that both hardware PS2 and EMUs have this capability that it be allowed. So just reiterating this point Save States for codes are now ALLOWED in runs. If you have any questions about this or disagree with this statement, please feel free to discuss it and provide an alternative that would be fair on both sides. Also with the disconnect rule, we do have a video to show how it can affect gameplay overall for the remaining players in the game, which will hopefully be posted here soon.

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Hello, I think the wording in Rule 10 could have been more clear, but the Tracker was mentioned because we did not want people with the Trackers to leave the game. I have a video here that shows strats in a speedrun where Disconnecting can be used to freeze AI allowing people to cheese the game in a way that I'm sure was not intended. at the end of the video just before we run across the bridge Ms. Water Disconnects freezing up the zombies and bees for a period of time leaving no threat while running across. I also wanted to make it clear that the game killing you is fine by a game trigger like a timer running out or enemy killing you as long as the 2 Trackers are not lost. Thanks for your time and I would be happy to answer more questions about it if needed.

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Kris or another runner would have to respond about the disconnecting thing as I have never had to use it and do not understand it fully. I have changed the rule text to not include the warning about the tracker. As far as any friend requests have gone I apologize if one of those was sent to me, I hardly see any notifications when I am at work, but I will accept it here shortly. As far as the PS2 thing goes it is simply a tap as opposed to a hold in order to soft reset the PS2 and retain the code RNG from the previous run. This was tested and confirmed by two different people that worked on speedrunning tools for Outbreak as well as other RE titles. I personally do not mind retiming runs as I think that is one of the few areas where retiming can be very beneficial for the mod in order to apply the correct time to the run etc. I believe I was the run to reject those runs and from what I saw according to the SRC logs for those submissions was that they are performed before the 3rd but were actually submitted on March the 4th. That is why they were classified under the new rule set. I am of course open to discussing any of these points and getting the other mods in here as well to discuss whatever we need to in the future! Much love ❤️


Again I have no reason to distrust what you are saying about the lag, etc, but it would be better for another mod to respond to that comment as I am not an expert in that specific area. Especially in regard to being the RM and all that jazz. I am perfectly fine rewording Rule 10 again to only include host disconnects though as I have been told and you mentioned that is a problem, so I can do that.What would your suggestion be with the trackers (All people showing them?) I just want to be very clear and keep the line of communication open with you. Also the discord server I believe is open now to the general public so anyone can join to discuss things as long as it is in a professional and friendly manner. Finally in regards to the time zone issues. If it shows as the 4th on my screen for submission and the 3rd for you, that timezone has to also apply to when the message about the rule change was posted meaning that if it was posted on the 3rd for me, which it was, then it was even earlier on the 3rd for you or even on the 2nd and therefore it was still submitted after the rule change was stated and subject to the new rules. I do apologize for the confusion, but everyone's runs are held to those same standards and I can't make any special leniency calls for a specific person or group.


The updated link to the discord that is open to the public is now on the game page. Much love ❤️