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Thread for console related queries, speedruns and upcoming categories.


Has anybody on console completed Inferno (no shop upgrades)? I have just completed Nightmare and now looking forward to the next challenge.


For the moment, I only seen NG + speedruns on console. There are speedruns in NG or not yet ?


Nothing is official until the moderator's review and assess categories for both PC and Console. I believe the leader boards will be open towards the end of the month.

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On the 19th submissions will start being recieved. So we should have start of categories and rules for each by than.

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I've already beaten Inferno, regularly (no shop items). Working on running it. It's difficult, to say the least.

In regards to strats, weapon swapping is a pain, on the PS4 slim.

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With this being a post for consoles, I figured I’d give a little info here. I think what was posted about Consoles in the PC Cap sticky might have gotten lost since console runners may not have cared to look there.

We will be splitting consoles not only from PC, but also they will be split into a Xbox One X/PS4 Pro category and a separate Category for the Standard PS4/PS4 Slim/Xbox One S/Xbox One Day One Edition because of the frame rate issues. At launch, the Xbox One X version’s frame rate was somewhere between the PS4 Pro and the others due to them attempting to run it at true 4K rather than the lower resolution that the PS4 Pro was using but that has since had a patch that sets it at the same resolution as the PS4 Pro, making both of those consoles run at a fairly consistent 60fps now.

I’ve been mostly on my PS4 Pro in the game, but have also been playing on Xbox One X and Xbox One Day One so I can keep an eye out for differences, in addition to watching a lot of console runners/streamers on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s runs and submitting some times with y’all.

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Thank you for the information, im new to the site and look forward to running this game and submitting on the 19th (ps4 slim)! See you all then!

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Zgl - I'm glad that there will be difference categories for base and pro consoles. I had a bug bare with this on Resident Evil 2 🙂.

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Im practising on both PC and base xbone and its loots of fun. Little off with controller still but im getting there. I have a run (standard%) on both systems to submit later when the board is upp and i mby gonna beat my pc time. Tbh RE is a console game thoo 😉 Yeah i have finished Inferno. Its so hard. Died like 20 times on final nemy. I used the inventory pounch thing on that run. So yeah a shop item used

I need to practise the aim. I feel like the slider is not so accurate. One ”step” higher or lower is like 3 in other games.


I have to say running NG on console is very intimidating after seeing how important DA manipulation is to the runs i have watched on the pc.. I just got finished scraping through my first s rank ng+ inferno play through last night and it is clear to me that i will be focusing on standard and nightmare ng+ maybe assisted if its super active or the time differential against standars is truly massive. What categories are you all itching to submit to?


I was doing NG Inferno, but switched to NG Nightmare. I'll loop back to Inferno, once I get a time that I'm happy with.

The route for Inferno requires constant guess work and math, on console...😐. Can't see DA, so you have to make sure you're mimicking the pc runners' route, as closely as possible.

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Right but even then one thing goes wrong and a: ur dead cuz its inferno and b: the rest of the run just got a whole lot harder

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@zglzgl you mentioned in this thread that PS4Pro/XboxOneX would have been separated in a different category from PS4/XboxOne, but for now it's only a filter. Is there a plan to actually separate them in categories or you changed your mind? I personally think categories would be ideal. This is particularly important to know because if you keep the leaderboard this way all runs are pretty much handicapped against the future runs made on PS5/XboxSeriesX which need to be separated as well, otherwise no reason to waste time running the game on Console now. Does it make sense?


Filtered seems to be considered "separated".

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Filter is not a separation used to evaluate a leaderboard, let's not have this discussion again. Who decided this anyway, Mods or community?

As a reminder:
"Leaderboards should be viewed as owned by the community and curated by the moderators. A user who requests a leaderboard does not own the leaderboard."

Let's discuss this peacefully with a survey or vote before it's too late. I bet you won't find one single console runner in favor of this. Leaderboard is messy and unfair how setup at the moment.


I think its fine having them all together for now, if it proves in the future a certain console performs much faster maybe it should be separated but for now its best to not have 18+ (12 currently) different categories total.


@Tyler_Ry74Tyler_Ry74 it was already proven faster by the Mods, reason why they created the "separation" filter.


I haven’t done an NG run on Inferno, but I have submitted a run for NG+ Inferno. Pending approval.

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For now it no dif. in the runs. Its only a time bleed about a few seconds between a X and S. Fastest time on standard cat. right now is on a Ps4 slim so. All models target 60fps but base models are around 30-50 fps most of the time and pro/x are almost solid 60. So mby less than seconds differens on consoles. But yeah, solid 60 is solid 60 and smoother gameplay helps alot. In my opinion the most fair way to run RE3 is on console right now

A filter looks clean and its easy to see in the vod if its a Pro or std console the runs are on.

About PS5/SeX i dont think they gonna update the game for it. So also gonna be at 4K/60. But that is a future problem to ad a few letters in the filter selection