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I'm not sure how significant or consistent these glitches could be, but I found them interesting conceptually.

First off, i've seen this one before and mentioned in in my currently videoless run on the leaderboard (working on getting an acceptable run to replace that with btw) It appears to be a warp in Rogue Valley that pushes you forward to the checkpoint just before the 1v2 Duel.
I'll need to do some dirty work to see how exactly to make it work.

Second one is completely new to me, and didn't really help at the time, but with some studying I think could possibly lead to good things.

I still not sure what triggered the boost, but i'd be really interested to try and find other places it could happen


The first one sounds like it could save time in runs, if you could find a way to hit the loading zone consistently.
The second one, probably a few seconds over the course of the level.

It would seem the chapter with bad bessie has a few interesting glitches, I found this one messing around (didn't have it recorded in the act)


I saw your other post about that glitch. Seems pretty funny but I'd want to time in and compare to a regular fight because i'm not sure if it's faster. I definitely have some testing to do on all this. Rogue Valley is pretty notorious for problems, iirc the game locks up right before the boss if you play the Xbox version on Xbox 360


That's really good to know. I've only had to happen twice now by accident


I'll defintely give it a try tomorrow. My Rogue Valley needs work to begin with, so I might as well fuck around with the glitch


I do have discord, you can add me Haruko_Haruhara#9835
I wasn't active in the game for quite awhile but I got interested in trying to best myself again, plus around the time I was running originally I was the only active runner, so it got kind of boring. Seeing new runs up really got me in the mood again