(Unverified) Solo Loud/NA WRs (Glitchless [stalls aren't glitches omeny]):
-Bsit NA Solo: 10:04:760 by DingoAteMyKid
-Lake Leg NA Solo: 6:48:280 by S91
-SCRS Leg NA Solo: 10:48:850 by DingoAteMyKid
-BD Leg Solo: 5:41:860 by DingoAteMyKid
-BD Leg NA Solo: 9:06:410 by Th3_T3rmin2tor_T55:
-Lockup Leg NA Solo: 7:19:100 by KM_Atlas
-Score Leg NA Solo: 5:07:470 by KM_Atlas

Just for reference.


Too bad doesn't let us submit runs for other players.


Depends on what kind of stall it is for it to be counted as glitchless

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Only the BD stalls were used, which were legal last time I checked. (S91 just built different ig)


May i ask, whats a bd stall? And would it be used in glitched run? Or is it not a glitch?


A BD stall is when you stand in a specific spot so that the enemies no longer move towards you. Once you leave the spot they will resume moving towards you. And no, they DO NOT count as a glitch.

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May i have a example? And can you only use them in specific spots?


watch some black dusk no armor runs