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So basically a lot of people (well 2 I’ve seen so far) seem to get confused about the use of the time with loads, time without loads and in game time spaces. For mission runs (which is currently what I’m referring to), you submit a run correctly by ignoring time with and without loads, and submitting the time, to the millisecond (this having been mentioned in a previous forum post I believe). As far as I’m concerned, the rules I mentioned don’t apply to Ironman speedruns, as teleport times must be included. For this, I suggest getting an external timer like Livesplit.

  cornhead522cornhead522 Livesplit, the application I was referring to.


centiseconds, not milliseconds


When you submit a run, it specifically says "ms" which is short for "milliseconds." The game uses centiseconds, but uses milliseconds, so submitters will have to manually convert their times using the process in this guide:

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Thank you Tim. I was referring to what accepts, where run submitters convert their centisecond time into milliseconds. Thank you for the feedback, Stu, though.